Friday, 21 August 2009

Imagining the YouTube of the Future

What will watching video be like a few years from now? That's a question that we ask ourselves a lot here at YouTube. In a recent article in Forbes magazine, we shared a few ideas that we've been kicking around. We wanted to share them with you, too, as well as hear your ideas.

When pondering the future of video, these are some of the questions we ask ourselves:

• How long will people primarily use computers to interact with video? How quickly will they move to their televisions or mobile phones?

• What are new and better ways that will help people discover great videos to watch? What new recommendations can search provide? What about recommendations based on like-minded people? What are your friends and family watching?

• How might we allow people to organise YouTube for themselves? How can the experts in our community help us curate YouTube's massive collection?

In thinking about these questions, we've come to realise that YouTube's design needs to evolve to answer them. We want to find innovative and useful ways to surface recommendations to you, and we'll need to create the breakthrough tools that empower you to take centre stage in this role.

The YouTube User Experience team uses storyboards to visualise ideas and kick off discussions about new products that will keep YouTube on the forefront of video technology. In the examples below, we used a nifty application called Comic Life that makes storyboarding fast and easy. These are snippets from two storyboards/scenarios that we used internally to talk about the YouTube of the future:

Those are just some of the ideas that we have been discussing. It's hard to predict the future, but it's one of the most fun and interesting parts of our job.

What do you think the future of video will hold? What do you want to see us do in one, two, or even five years? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Margaret Stewart, User Experience Manager, recently watched "Keyboard Cat Supports Michael Vick."


ajdpadbury said...

We come to YouTube not just because we want to watch videos but also to interact, to be able to commend the author of the video and have him or her reply. You can't do that very easily with a television or phone! Also I like to watch TV whilst I am on YouTube, please don't take away 5o percent of my pleasure!

Joe said...

For a start I rekon that YouTube will actually load properly when it's got a bit of load (guys, you really need to look at putting it on something like S3)

illage2 said...

What do I see in Youtube's Future?

I don't see a "Youtube" in the future because you have made that much bad choices since being brought by google, your site will possibly go down.

Maybe if you started introducing something that is considered "good" by the comunity then my opinion's might change. If these changes that your planning to implement are bad (Which is more than likely going to be the case) then you will lose more users, so what I suggest is that you let some of the Youtube comunity take part in the planning and ideas stage, as it seems that most of the changes you have made so far have been based on statistics provided by google, and not the Youtube comunity.

thedohctor said...

You stop making changes. Seriously, I think the best things of Youtube are ones that are already there, not things that aren't broken to be redesigned badly.

pppppppppppppppppppppppp said...

start listening to users and stop forcing changes and implying restrictions just because you,google and the film studios want you to.
I would much rather have youtube as it was in 2006 than what it is now

Sam M said...

The reason I come to Youtube is to take a 'break' and see some excellent content!

The future could hold many new changes because that's the way technology works! I'm thinking we'll be watching much higher definition on newer TVs and it the line between Youtube and Television will be blurred. Maybe we'll be hosting our own TV channels... Who knows

Jonathan Robinson said...

Video of the future will be on satnavs of locations and destinations, people will video email more and also smart people will use video CV's.

NEWTONTheDeleter said...

No wonder Youtube's been managed so badly. You have to storyboard ideas for your staff, as if they're hyperactive 5-year olds. I mean, seriously? That's what you do, rather than thinking logically about the issue? Wow.

The Youtube of the future will be an advertising platform for Disney, WMG, Viacom and all the companies with cash. Being a partner is mandatory - no free acounts. Channels are of Myspace quality, as in "a chimpanzee on Microsoft Word could do better" quality. All the original users will have been pushed off as accounts are banned and people leave due to the draconian copyright laws. Other sites such as Viddler will flourish due to their freedom and superior usability, and unable to compete, Yotube will wither and die.

Storyboard THAT for your team. Maybe they'll get the hint, if it isn't nap-time yet.

Senna said...
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chris.jeffery said...

I hope to see the old channel design in the future, but I guess thats not going to happen seeing as you idiots in charge of this website don't give a toss what we, the people who use the site, think.

info said...

As for most kids TV is a thing of the past. Mine and all of their friends spend every minute they have in social networking sites passing links to each other of videos they have discovered online.

The problem I notice is that finding a video to watch relies heavily on the tags and titles that people use, if this is done correctly then ok, but if it is not then the video can be brilliant but seems to sit out their like a needle in a haystack.

Maybe by using the ratings feature and hits counter, software could be put in place to monitor the effect of the video, or perhaps a tab where people could nominate the video to actually be found easier under certain search terms as well as if it should actually get more coverage in the field it was designed for ...

Personally in years to come I think film shooting will be done by cameras not just facing forward but picking up 190 degree vision all round, this will then be watched in the same way as we watch them today but with the aid of some kind of projector built into the screen this will project a 3d screen around the viewers and you will actually feel like you are in the film set, something falling for example will be picked up by your 180 degree vision and the naturally response will be to duck.

Still one thing is for sure, technology is evolving at a incredible rate of knots, 50 years ago the cars on this planet were almost funny to look at, imagine if you could take a Ferrari and transport it back to this era?

Just my 2 pence’s worth anyway :)

oliver said...

Cool to see you guys are thinking of how to innovate, considering you are so far ahead of your competition at the moment.

Looks like augmented reality is going to be the big growth area in video interaction over the next you have any plans to get involved?

illage2 said...

Youtube, at least have to decency to listen to the comunity before you implement any changes.

all the changes are crap, honestly Youtube grow a pair and stop being bullied into doing things by google, you should stand on your own 2 feet.

Peter said...

I don't know but I hope that I will be there. Maybe with TV companies struggling for viewers, especially from younger age groups as a result of the growth of sites like YT, maybe a company might devote a channel to YT videos and user content.

DiSCo said...
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