Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Spring Cleaning Comes Early To YouTube

Update: Reminder: Please enter feedback here, in our new Product Ideas page.


The excitement of the new decade and our upcoming fifth anniversary has the YouTube team itching to make the site experience better than ever before. We have all kinds of ideas about new things we could build and launch, but we are also taking some significant time in the coming months to do some early "spring cleaning" on the site design and user experience.

What will this mean to you? Well, it means you'll see some things about the site design evolving to be more consistent across the site. And some things that haven't worked as smoothly as we would have liked them to will get the attention they deserve. Lastly, we may determine that some things we tried out just didn't fly and remove them from the site.

We'll be using a number of inputs to build our "to do" list: usage data that shows the things you use the most versus things that very few people use; usability testing that can help us understand what's broken that needs fixing; and, last but not least, we'd like to hear from you directly...

What would you want to see fixed on the site? What would you remove completely, if you could? We'll use your feedback to help prioritise what we focus on, so we can all experience a cleaner, easier-to-use YouTube.

Please enter your feedback here and/or browse and vote on ideas others have had. We'll take a few weeks to digest your comments and will respond directly to the ideas you're most excited about.

Margaret Stewart, User Experience Manager, recently favorited "Christmas Tree Rocketry: The Art and Science of Holiday Recycling."


Tratzo said...

YouTubeXL has got faster on the PS3. More people might be using it now, but you can't polish a turd and I (like many others) dislike it. A very poor design missing a lot of the great features on the main YouTube page.

What I'd like to see is the normal YT website FULLY functional on the Playstation with the ability to watch HD videos to boot. There is no reason not to, I downloaded the only high definition video released by James Rolfe and it worked on my Playstation with no conversion required. So why not call up Sony and get it sorted?


HellyersOnline said...

I still just find the copyrighted TV shows clogging up the most viewed pages annoying. I don't want to watch TV on YT... I have a TV for that already!

I want to see unique original videos not made by tired industry professionals. That's what made me watch YT in the first place.

Rudy said...

Remove the 10 minut limit per video. Expand partnership programs to more countries.

KayBlue10 said...

The ability for people to change their channels to the old look if they were there before it was changed, maybe?

Return of bulletin board?

More organised results (tiled, perhaps?)

Waluigimaster64 said...

Well, I need my channel back....I just can't live youtube with the channel i currently have. It would be so fantastic if we had a choise between 2 whole channel designs! (My background works perfectly with the old channels)

sampersonthing said...

BRING BACK BULLETINS and allow partners to put a download option on their videos (FULL QUALITY DOWNLOADS PLEASE)

maybe feature some better videos aswell :)

classicmacintosh said...

The one thing I can not stand is the stupid widescreen player.... Grrr! Two words: Why Bother? At least give us the option to view videos in HQ automatically without them loading in the stupid widescreen player!

Truedantalion said...

Three things:

Most of all I miss the Video Log function, to feature a special selection playlist on the channel page.

I mean, I can still click to set a playlist to be the Video Log, yes - but it does not show up on the channel page permanently, right?

Please bring it back - I (and many others more I talked to) want and need the Video Log function back.


Please re-install the possibility for a YouTuber to show how many videos he himself has watched since he registered. To me, this is an important information, to see how active a new subscriber or friend is on YouTube, and how interested in watching videos. On the other hand, I personally don't care about how many views the videos of someone got, added up. I can get a feel for that with the numbers of respective videos. I think this total view figure it mostly of interest for companies who want to advertise, but not for the regular YouTuber.

Leave in the option to display that number, alright, but please bring back the option to also display the total number of videos watched by a YouTuber!

Finally: Please DO bring some order into the display of playlists on the channel page - either alphabetically by title, or (if you must) by date of entry. Decide on one of these two opportunities, please, but don't keep up the current random hotchpotch.

On all of these things: Please! And thank you.

Pheme said...

The best ideas I've seen in the list is the option to have videos not automatically start playing when you open the tab.

sqriv said...

I think that the 'featured video's' section should be brought back into the limelight a little more. It was great when 'back in the day' any random video could be selected. It's how we found the likes of Charlieissocoollike and Nerimon.

johnnyronic said...

What I would like is having a 'Play next' option that actually works towards creating short term playlists. When I add the video to the quicklist nothing happens unless I click on play all which starts playing the first video and then the others.
Baically, I would like to be able to make playlists on the spot and also to be able to skip videos and have the playlist songs played from the skipped video onwards.
It would really make Youtube perfect for me...and maybe for some other spontaneous users.

Laurence said...

Out of things previously mentioned, I'd really like to see an expansion of the 10 minute limit. 15 minutes would be nice.

Also, the extra wide player seems like overkill. 16:9 is what the majority of the videos I watch is being made in.

One other thing that has really bothered me is replying to comments on your channel. I'd really like people to know that I have replied to their comment, so sending them a notification to let them know would be awesome. Making them appear nested (like in video comments) would be great.

John said...

try to make youtube less Internet intense/internet usage whatever it's call
I just wanted the youtube to load less MB on phone just to make phone bill lower

Orson said...

1. Get rid of the current rating system and bring in a thumbs up, thumbs down option. Then show a percentage of how many thumbs ups, and how many people have voted. ie. a good video may have 93% and 500 votes.

2. The expansion of the 10 minute limit.

3. Some of the partner options becoming available to non-partners.

4. Replying to channel comments.

5. A play-all option on channel playlists.

Mahir3001 said...

1. Please delete the Youtube XL program. It opens automatically on my Wii (with the exception of my PS3, which doesn't display it at all) and the overall design is terrible. Good thing I get past the automatic XL thing by choosing a Wii Youtube bookmark and carrying on from there.

2. The reply system sucks. You post a reply and someone else doesn't know what the hell you're talking about (the comment isn't shown in a way that it would be obvious that someone has replied) unless you clearly state the recipient of your reply.

3. The expansion of the 10.59 minute limit. For two reasons. The first is that there is sometimes a small amount of useless leftover video (not put in by the actual user but by Youtube's sometimes poor programming) at the end. The second is that many people who have that leftover space (and gone up to the maximum 10.59 limit) must re-render the WHOLE video again if said rendering was used.

4. Not always relying on Viacom to delete Youtube's videos. Viacom sometimes deletes videos that do not violate any type of copyright whatsoever (like 5 seconds of The Simpsons) and it's very, very disheartening. Please stop it. Please?

5. The thumbs-up and thumbs-down things aren't that nice, in my opinion. Remove them.

lcar88 said...

Pease bring back the animated backgrounds!!!

Oh and you know the wat Bebo has a feature were you can post a video along with a comment?
Try that out; that would be anotother good way to share videos!!

wolfpurplemoon said...

Return the channels to the old and far easier to use style.

Rossco said...

Keep the channels the way they are. No animated crap, I've gotten used to it is, I can remove all the usual stuff.

Keep the TV channels etc free or don't put them here at all. There are no countries on the internet, who cares if I'm not in the US? Save me the hassle of having to use a proxy everytime I feel like watching something new.

Comments are usually a cesspit of kids acting like tough guys and using zomg naughty words. Please disable them, or at least add the option of disabling them in the Feather beta.

HTML5, where did it go? Flash player is a resource whore, please add the option of HTML5 soon.

Ability to hide videos from searches if they go under a variable star threshold. Usually, if a video has less than 4 and 1/2 stars, it's either terrible or not enough people have voted it.

If you're going to allow people to copyrighted films and music videos, might as well allow uploads of porn and other things that break the terms of service. Can't find a single porn video, but there's plenty of 20-part movies uploaded by users viewed 1000s of times, the double standards are pissing me off.

That's all I can think of for now.

tjaldid said...

able to delete your comment posted on other channels beside your own.

tjaldid said...

more colors for annotations. able to use the pause option when adding annotations on your normal video (just go to the place you want the pause option to be, pause and then press add annotations and choose pause an decide how many seconds it should be and if you want to delete it go to the estimated second it's on click the clock an delete

tjaldid said...

able to delete/leave group if no one is in it

yoshielectron said...

Please remove the 10 minute time limit; I often make videos were I could have talked for much longer.

Allow all users to specify what their video contains if it may offend someone (bad language, drug use, etc.).

Notify the owner of a video of ALL comments for the video, even if the user replied to another user who wasn't the owner of the video.

bishowkt said...

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threelegsoman said...

How about creating an alphabetical list view on people's channels to enable quicker searching?

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