Friday, 12 March 2010

YouTube's Got TV: Catch-Up TV Module Added To Homepage, TV Shows Page Gets Revamp

YouTube UK users hungry to get up to speed with what's happening in "Skins", "Neighbours", "Deal Or No Deal" or, indeed, any of the great programmes included in our TV Shows section, can now turn to the new 'Catch Up On The Latest TV' module on the homepage.

Every day, this module will refresh with the latest videos uploaded from our TV partners, who include 4OD and DemandFive. But the updates don't stop there... far from it.

Yesterday we also unveiled a new look for the TV Shows page, which we hope will make it even easier for you to find what you are looking for. In addition to the homepage -- which now also includes a column dedicated to the latest full-length uploads -- there is a page dedicated to each of the categories on offer, which range from Comedy to Soaps to Nature programming.

So whether you're looking for a specific show, want to see what was on TV last night or simply fancy watching a certain type of programme, the TV Shows section has been designed to give you as many options as possible.

This redesign is just a starting point for TV Shows, which you can navigate to directly from the YouTube UK homepage by clicking on the 'TV Shows' tab. Over the coming weeks we will be monitoring how you use the pages and will look to optimise the way they flow in response.

Happy viewing -- and have fun,

Jamie Dolling, Community Editor, YouTube UK, recently watched "Skins", "Skins" and more "Skins".


ebdon88 said...

I DONT LIKE THE NEW YOUTUBE LAYOUT!!. The old one was much better than this one, it didnt need changing and Im a very unhappy YouTube user!

sufyan said...

I totally agree with you ebdon88. I dont like it either. I'm so use to the old layout and get things done quickly.

They've changed it anyway because I don't think they preffered it either.

James Moar said...

Unless I've missed something, the ability to view all shows in a category's gone away -- you only have the popular shows or the ability to search for shows. As far as I'm concerned, that's a big loss of functionality.

misyel said...

please back the old youtube... the old youtube is more fast to find the information we need, like view the full information of video, sharing, view the related video, more video.. i want the old youtube please back.. this for your youtube users..

sufyan said...

Why have you changed it again youtube?! just leave the old layout for god's sake! why keep on changing it? we like the old layout.

bri said...

I AGREE WITH ALL OF THEM AND PLUSE I AM NOT SHURE ABOUT EVERY ONE ELSE BUT 1ST youtube now shows un important stoff like where the vid is most popular in and I NEED THE URLs BACK IT IS THE ONLY WAY I CAN GET VIDS ON MY MP3 ZEN SO PLEASSE MAKE IT CHANGE BACK !!!!! (={ >=[

talkoutfree said...

This new layout is poor...and its not that I dont like change; this is just really bad.

Who decided to get rid of rhe rating system FFS?

Doppel said...

Improvement? More like DOWNGRADE.

jordgubben42 said...

yeah where is the thing send video now some was under the video before. this is so annoying lol
just hope this is a 1 april joke.
please take the old one back

Wiled22 said...

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DOBz said...

this people are stupid to change the channel

DOBz said...

heres hot to go back to the old one
click here

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DiSCo said...

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Tom said...

I hate the new youtube layout - I Despise the "Catch Up on the Latest TV" I have a TV for that!!!!!!!!!

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