Monday, 25 October 2010

UK Music Tuesday: Elton John's Favourites

This week Elton John shares his favourite new British acts with UK Music Tuesday as he prepares to release a new album with 1970s Boogie Rock and Blues legend Leon Russell. A renowned music connoisseur, if you want to know who has caught the Rocket Man's ear, read on...

But before we turn to his tips for future success, when the likes of Elton John refer to a musician as their "idol", it's worth investigating the issue. "The Union", released on October 25, is the fruit of a collaboration between Elton John and Leon Russell that picks up 40 years after the two men first worked together, at a point when Leon had already played with everyone from Herb Alpert to The Rolling Stones. "It's not often that you get the opportunity to work with your idol, or to make a record with him," explains Elton. "I decided to make a record with him because I thought he had been ignored for too long and he was my idol in the late 1960s and early 1970s."

Even a cursory listen to Leon's vocals on single "If It Wasn't For Bad" exposes the shared musical DNA between the two artists, and as committed Elton John fans -- "Yellow Brick Road" definitely makes the all-time Top 5 round these parts -- UK Music Tuesday is keen to hear more from "The Union". But to learn what is currently catching Elton John's ear from the UK, see below:

"Plan B has made probably the album of the year – it’s the album I have played most this year," enthuses Elton. "It’s an extraordinary record considering that the album he made before this was a rap record."

"I could not believe this girl’s voice," he says of Rumer. "Just extraordinary… a beautiful voice. They don’t come along that often and then you get one that comes along like Rumer’s and she’s going to be a huge star. In England we seem to be capable of bringing these singers out, like Adele, Duffy and Amy Winehouse. Lily Allen is another one. People with extraordinary voices..."

On which note, UK Music Tuesday is going to leave you to enjoy the music. Huge thanks to Elton John for effortlessly linking 1970 and 2010 and providing numerous jumping off points for musical discovery here on YouTube. Even a simple search for Leon Russell surfaces some incredible footage.

Have fun,

Jamie Dolling, YouTube UK, recently watched "Leon Russell & Friends -- Honky Tonk Woman".


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