Thursday, 10 November 2011

Welcoming the UK’s next generation of cooking and fitness trainer stars

Thinking of searching YouTube for a cooking recipe as Christmas approaches? Want some videos to help you achieve that New Year’s fitness resolution? You’re in good company. Searches on YouTube for cooking recipes soar around the end of every year, and searches for fitness exercises start kicking in around the start of the new year.

We have partners who are doing amazing things with food and fitness, and to supercharge their careers, we created the YouTube Next Chef and the YouTube Next Trainer programmes. We’d like to introduce you to the first class of partners who’ll be attending a 12-week course via Google+ Hangouts and receiving a $15,000 equipment and promotional package, all to help them share their passion for food or fitness on YouTube with you.

Representing the UK, we have FitBritsGB, who loves to cook easy meals from scratch, and one trainer, STRskillSchool who hosts an extremely popular football skills training school. They are among the 32 partners from six countries around the world.

YouTube Next Chef
The partners of the YouTube Next Chef class include self-taught chefs, cookbook authors, former restaurateurs and more. Their culinary styles range from making a full meal with just one pot to vegan desserts to gourmet on a budget, and represent five countries around the world. These partners will be taught by the finest folks in culinary arts, including editors from, YouTube Partners like Rob Nixon, and industry experts like Lee Allison.

YouTube Next Trainer
If fitness is your goal, our YouTube Next Trainers are here to help. This international group can teach you exercises based around city landscapes, fitness routines made for athletes, safe parkour training exercises, pilates made simple and more. Expect to see these partners get top tier training from our featured mentors Billy Blanks, YouTube Partners like DeStorm, and industry experts like Julie DelaBarre.

Stay tuned for weekly videos starting November 15 for YouTube Next Chef and November 23 for YouTube Next Trainer.

Austin Lau, YouTube Creator Programs, recently watched “The Coolest Extreme Skiing Dudes.”


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